Wednesday, November 10


Hello, all! I'm at my Mom's house doing laundry, and so I thought I'd take advantage of having access to the internet, and blog a little. Honestly, I've been thinking of wiping this particular blog, and starting anew. I'm not sure what I would write about there, so for now I guess this one rambling, neglected blog will remain.
There have been many things changing in my life,of late, for example I am officially engaged, (THANK GOD) after too many trials and errors. I seriously wondered if there was a man alive who would fit into the jigsaw puzzle that is me and my boys, and somehow we found each other. ( We're at the point of saving up some money to moveout and when that has been achieved, we will go ahead with the nuptuals. I do have conviction about our living situation, and I am anxious to remedy that, but I'm not sure of hte wisdom in not waiting a couple months more. We've completed out pre-marital counseling at church, which is new for me--what do you mean "get to know each other first"??!!?
My 17-yr-old son is living wiht me again, through some interesting and dramatic turns of events. Oddly, the boys are getting along with each other now like I'd feared they never would. Of course, having a BIG kid in the middle of them helps immensely. I'm not sure there is much more of interest to tell you but I appreciate your continuing to follow me. Please leave me a note and tell me what you've been up to?! Thanks, and BLESSINGS to you and yours.