Wednesday, September 14

AND....After what seems to be a zillion years, I'm back...

Greetings, friends and fam... After way too long, I'm beginning to think that perhaps I ought to take up my blog again. At the moment, we don't have (and aren't planning to get) the internet @ home, so anything of any length will be waiting until the occasions that I can sneak away to the library.... Here's the highlights: Moved to Podunk, IN. ;) Eldest son living w/ Grandma (again) after a short stint being abused again @ the x's. ("I know why you divorced him, now, Mom." sigh. Some lessons have to be experienced, I guess.) He did graduate last spring, and it was a very mixed-emotional day for me. Younger boy is in the High Ability class, and we're working on all A's...He likes this teacher MUCH more than last year's, but this time he's not moving into a new place & completely hating it...he's made a couple of good friends, too. We're down to being a 1-cat family. The day we took Lacey to find a new family was perhaps the 2nd hardest thing I've ever had to do--as far as making the decision to do something, anyway. I had a choice to make and I believe it was the right one. But really, she had such a huge piece of my heart, I know it'll never be the same. Oli is getting to be a fairly normal cat, but occasionally the anxiety rears its' ugly head again. Then he hides in our closet... My life is, overall, better than I'd ever dreamed it could be. The Big Guy is PERFECT for me, right down to being ornery AND serving the Lord with his whole heart...and just b/c I like looking at him, I'll end this with the profile pic that first caught my eye...( Love and hugs to you all...Sorry for letting this thing go for so long. \0/ ~ Abbie