Friday, October 14


Hi, friends! It's a WONDERFUL day here in tiny Edinburgh, IN- a little wet this morning, but 60-ish and dry most of the day. I've been doing a lot of thinking about what is in store for me (like, the next step), and I've got a couple of things coming up, I hope. 1. Finishing up the courses necessary for a degree 2. Joining a recovery/Believing gf on a Crafting blog! (Yes, this will be the more FUN of the 2) Married life is just the way I imagine it was meant to be. My hubby tells and shows me every single day that he loves and adores me, and I, not to be outdone, reciprocate in kind. :) I really feel guilty when I tell folks how we're doing, because it's honestly like living a fairy tale. Well, a fairy tale where there's really no spare money for anything, and where our cat is so freaking scared of everything that WE can hardly pet him--after having him for close to 3 years!!n That's a little aggrivating, but The Hubster says what Oli needs is a companion. We'll see. Our church has been getting shaken, just a bit, lately...We're down to just one Pastor, and that one is not necessarily anxious to be the ONE to shepherd us. But we are standing with the church family, and waiting to see what's there when the dust settles. I've learned a lot of what a FAMILY can be like, through interacting with these people for the last 8(9?) years. I am blessed. E is doing GREAT in academics, and working on the interacting with peers/socialization stuff. B is still at my Mom's and I'm not sure what he's doing. Diagnosed witgh Mono a couple of weeks ago, but you know, being 18, and all, that's certainly not enough to keep him from running around all hours of the night and day, and not eating and...God knows what. I pray that the Father keeps you and yours safe and warm as the Fall settles in. Blessings!! ~ abbie