Thursday, November 17

I have been trying to decide whether or not to scrap this blog and begin again, and since I've not gotten a feel for doing one or the other, for now, I'm doing nothing. Much. I've been looking at a bunch of blogs, recently, to get ideas, you know, and look at what I found on one:

Isn't it sweet? have tons of really adorable fixin's for your blog-decor. I really have come to love all things "vintage" or "shabby" in the past few years, and I hate to think that it has ANYthing to do with the fact that I am creeping up on the big 5-0!! (Nahhh, that couldn't be it. Thanks, didn't think so. Whew.)

So, for now, I'll be looking forward to taking another class or 2, in January, and in the meantime trying my hand at a little crafting...Perhaps I will post a pic of something I've created recently...I'm pretty self-conscious, though, so if I don't, that'll be why.

Big hugs and contemplation, my friends.