Wednesday, November 30

Blogging for Sanity?

Well, I don't really have a lot to say at the moment, but I've been thinking of you. Yes, YOU. I'd love it if you'd send me a comment...about pretty much anything.
I'm rolling ideas around in my head about what a second blog may be about...I'm leaning toward mental health issues. I know, I know, it's SO unfathomable that I of all people would know anything about having any glitches in the sanity department, but, yes, dear reader, I do. I've recently gotten back into seeing a Counselor again, in order to address some lingering issues, and so that I might be as fully equipped to get back into school as possible. My Counselor is pretty likeable, even telling me a "secret" the first time I spoke with her! (And you KNOW that secrets are right up there with getting MAIL!!!)
Anyway, I'm going to go explore some templates for the up-and-coming blog-fetus. (Fetal-blog?)
I hope to be back here soon. Please leave me some of your OWN thoughts. As great as mine are at times, I get kinda bored after a while of only having myself to chat with. :)