Wednesday, October 31

Welcome, friends!

Can you imagine my surprise when I discovered that someone mentioned in a previous post ("Recovering...") had made the special effort to stop by and see my blog?! I'm so tickled to know that I've still got so much power and control over those living in the problem.  It just tickles me to remember how it was to be so new to the world, minus the security blanket of my drug of choice AND still struggling to be in charge.
 All the things the old timers told me about what happens to those who stop the drugs w/o making any real spiritual/emotional changes, are clearly true. I'm reminded of the old saying "There's a God, & I'm not Him." Funny to have met someone who's still so adamantly rebelling against that simple truth. I am so grateful today, to have found the peace and joy that can only be found in a right relationship with my Creator.
I am grateful, for sure.
So glad to see who I'm not, anymore.
: )