Tuesday, January 15

In yet another transition...or is it just ME?

Transitioning is why I'm not going to say a lot now. Give me a couple more weeks. Meds gotta get back in line.

I feel like I ought to post a WARNING for this picture, but then I think "It's reality. Addiction IS ugly. It REALLY IS exactly like this." So, I'm not gonna post any such thing. It's life, it's what is waiting for EVERY SINGLE ADDICT, regardless of what your drug of choice may be. This is how we look inside, if not outside, y.e.t.

I found this amazing picture and HAD to share it with you. Each day I'm given at least ONE more reason to stay clean. Here's a REALLY impressive one...and a kinda funny statement, when you're not LIVING it. Thank God, today I don't have to be that person.