Sunday, January 20

Going back home...

This afternoon I got a text from my Sponsor that her husband was getting his 20 year token at a meeting nearby. I used to go to this meeting regularly, for years, and haven't been for probably a year, to this particular meeting. Even though it meant I had to miss evening church, I decided that I needed to be there. It's the first time she's EVER texted me, and it had been a mighty long time since I'd seen or spoken with her.    (I <3 don="don" even="even" i="i" if="if" in="in" keep="keep" my="my" nbsp="nbsp" p="p" sponsor="sponsor" t="t" touch="touch" very="very" well.="well.">I have had Sandy as my go-to Sponsor for quite a few years, although I admit that I feel guilty for not "using" her as I was taught. As I think about it, I suppose this probably has a lot to do with my (distant, emotionally, by necessity) relationship with my Mom. It's difficult for me to get close to a "Mother" figure, as I've never felt all that close to Mom. I love her, I just don't really know what to do with that, besides bob and weave.
Anyway, it was wonderful to see my Sponsor and several oldtimers tonight. I teased her hubby that we both haven't aged a BIT from 20 years, and poked him to lie back to me. ; )
So, I'm renewing my plans to include a meeting at least every other week, and maybe even getting to know my Sponsor again. : )